04: Jr. High Teacher as Student

June 1, 2017


Mary Morrison is a personal development teacher at Southeast Junior High for 7th and 8th grade students. Southeast Junior High is part of the Iowa City Community School District in Iowa City, Iowa. 



Making connections and building relationships with students is a critical component of teaching. As George Corous stated in the Innovator's Mindset, "Innovation will never happen in education if we do not first focus on relationships."

Deposits in the Bank

  • Positive interactions with students
  • Allow for withdrawals
  • Hard to withdrawal if no "money" in the bank

Tips for adding Deposits

  • Lunch Bunch: lunch with students
  • Greeting at the Door: greet students at the door when they come to class



  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Relationship Bank Account)​
  • Labels: Can create barriers to developing relationships with students. Don't define a student by a single class or interaction. 
  • Environment: Can add extra challenges for students. Must give each student a blank slate each day. Each kid is an individual.
  • Observing a Colleague: A great way to get different strategies for instruction. Reminder to keep a growth mindset.
  • Effort: You aren't always going to see the fruits of your labor, but you have to believe it. You can't get set in your ways. Teaching and learning are processes. #kidsdeserveit



1) Growth Mindset-What are some ways you can observe other colleagues teaching? Could you do a learning walk? Could you watch a video of them teaching? Teaching is an art and taking the time to observe our colleagues is a great way to push our life long learning.
2) Power of Relationships: What might be some ways you can continue to build the relationships you have with your students? 



Share your relationship building strategies

​1) What is your favorite strategy you have used to build relationships with your students? 

2) We plan to highlight some of your favorite strategies on future episodes. 




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