02: Elementary Principal As Student

May 1, 2017

Eric Ewald who is a principal at Van Allen Elementary in North Liberty, IA, shared his experience of shadowing a student for a day. 

Alice Keeler Quote
"If your complaining about your students, change your lesson plans." 

Eric's Top 3 Twitter Recommendations
Adam Welcome
Pernille Ripp

George Couros

Eric's Top 3ish Book Recommendations
Hacking Leadership by Joe Sanfelippo & Tony Sinanis
Power of Branding by Joe Sanfelippo & Tony Sinanis
When Fish Fly by John Yokoyama & Joseph Michelli 
Kids Deserve It by Todd Nesloney & Adam Welcome

Thoughts to Ponder
1) Perspective is Key to everything we do in life: 

  • Good to step back, see things through lens of students because we are here for them
  • A student's perspective clarifies how diverse and differentiated lessons plans need to be

2) Building Relationships

  • Foundational to understanding our students on a more personal level

3) Respect Students

  • Don't ask students to do something you wouldn't do as an adult​
  • Provide autonomy for them to move---lots of sitting in a day

​4) Reflect

  • Good practice to reflect on instructional practices...."doing it because its the way you have always done it" might be a good time to reflect. 
  • Get to the core of what we really know is best for students.

Episode 1 explored an elementary teacher (Patrick Snyder) shadowing a student for a day while episode 2 was an elementary principal's (Eric Ewald) experience. Looking ahead
to episode 3 and 4, we will shift from an elementary lens to a junior high lens of shadowing students. 


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