03: Jr. High Principal as Student

May 16, 2017

Michelle Cook who is the principal at Southeast Junior High in Iowa City, IA shared her experience of shadowing a student for a day. 




Many teachers don't have the luxury of time to shadow a student for a day. However, there are many ways to solicit feedback from students to get a perspective of their learning. Whether using a Google Form or sticky notes, try asking these three questions: 
1) What should I stop doing? 
2) What should I keep doing?
3) What should I start doing? 



  • Inspiration: Shadow a student challenge on Twitter. 
  • Perspective: Important to keep perspective for both students and teachers
  • Empathy: Better understand the needs of students and teachers
  • Modern Experience: More access to tech provides more opportunities, however, the experience is similar to the past. Still mostly teacher led, similar classroom setup.
  • Change: Tech hasn't done what we think it is actually capable of doing. Innovation doesn't just happen because you add technology.
  • Challenges
    • ​Sitting: Lots of sitting for students
    • Uncomfortable desks: work in groups by moving desks, but traditional classrooms typically have a "front" of the classroom. Makes it uncomfortable to move desks and then have to turn to look/listen to teacher.
    • Phones: Hard not to be on them when disengaged from learning experiences
  • Relevant: If learning isn't relevant (for teachers or students) then what is a reasonable expectation (phones, movement, etc).



1) Movement: When designing lessons, be mindful of movement. Are students comfortable in the classroom? How many transitions will you have? 
2) Class Layout: Traditional classroom with a "front" of the room can hinder students being comfortable. It is important to be mindful of layout for collaboration, small group instruction and whole group instruction. 
3) Modern Learning Experiences: How can we transform instruction by leveraging tech? Time needs to be dedicated for teachers to collaboratively transform learning experiences in a modern world. 



Seek Feedback from Students
1) Google Forms, sticky notes, other resource for feedback
​2) Ask three questions: 
1) What should I stop doing? 
2) What should I keep doing?
3) What should I start doing? 
3) Share your learning: 
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